The Other, acrylic on linen, 250x200cm, 2020

A Mystery Never To Be Accessed, acrylic on linen, 190x150cm, 2020

In The Mountains, acrylic on linen, 170x200acm, 2021

Night Landing, acrylic on cotton, 168x168cm, 2021

The Agony Of Eros, oil & acrylic on linen, 108x200cm, 2021

Pandemic Nights, acrylic on linen, 101x200cm, 2021

Listen, acrylic on linen, 168x117.5cm, 2021

Sound 1, acrylic on linen, 80x71.5cm, 2021

Spring Of The 38th Parallel, oil on cotton, 152x396cm, 2014

Applause, oil on linen, 150x228cm, 2013

Land, acrylic on linen, 170x124cm, 2018

Snow, acrylic & oil on linen, 150x170cm, 2016

Bird On Roof, acrylic on linen, 120x100cm, 2016

A Garden Keeper, oil on linen, 198x137cm, 2016

Moon 8, acrylic on linen, 124x142.5cm, 2017

ݻ/Quietly, acrylic on linen, 130x97cm, 2017

The Weight Of Snow, oil on cotton, 121x57cm, 2019

A Woman With Big Ears, acrylic on linen, 130x97cm, 2017

Brooklyn Café, acrylic on cotton, 59.3x55.3cm, 2017

Handsome Guy Hair Cut, acrylic on linen, 60.5x49.8cm, 2018

Crossing, oil on linen, 55x120cm, 2018

Voyage, oil on linen, 98x74cm, 2018

Flower Stream, charcoal & pastel on paper, 70x100cm, 2019

Head Collector, charcoal & pastel on paper, 100x70cm, 2019

Triumph, charcoal & pastel on paper, 100x70cm, 2019

A Boat On The Deck, charcoal & pastel on paper, 50x65cm, 2019

Mr. Wong, charcoal & pastel on paper, 65x50cm, 2019

Under The Monument, charcoal & pastel on paper, 65x50cm, 2019

Napoleon, oil on linen, 73x59cm, 2018

Take Off Azaleas From My Head, mixed media, 30x30x46cm, 2019

Standing & Walking, oil on linen, 120x102cm, 2018

A Window To Mayston Street, oil on linen, 150x110cm, 2018

Moonah Day Spa Window, oil on linen, 150xw200cm, 2018

At Day Spa Window, oil on linen, 150x200cm, 2018

The Sound Of Silence Dinne/縷 Ļ, oil on linen, 150x190cm, 2018

Gurodong, ink & acrylic on paper, 210x298cm, 2018

Man From The Sea, acrylic on linen, 149.8x149.8cm, 2018

Doksandong Meat Market, acrylic on linen, 226x149cm, 2018

Night Fighting-Double Moon, acrylic on canvas, 180x300cm, 2017

Night Fighting-Self Portrait As A Young Warrior, acrylic on canvas, 200x97cm, 2017

Night Fighting-Generals, acrylic on canvas, 142.5x67cm, 2017

Garden Keeper, acrylic on canvas, 200x283cm, 2017

Chapayom, acrylic on canvas, 200x270cm, 2017

Artist Painting in the Studio Thanyaburi 1, acrylic on canvas, 148x148cm, 2017

Artist Painting in the Studio Thanyaburi 2, acrylic on canvas, 148x148cm, 2017

Heat Wave, acfrylic on canvas, 200x160cm(4 pieces of 100x80cm each), 2017

Waiting, acrylic on canvas, 100x240cm(2 pieces of 100x120cm each), 2017

Big Chair, sculptural installation composed of sitting man(acrylic on plaster, 90x45x45), an azalea pendant(acrylic on plastics, 45x25x30), a red mark(acrylic on plaster, 30x35x2.5) 2016


Pokies, acrylic on plaster, 180x60x7cm, 2016


Market Place, acrylic on canvas, 144x115cm, 2016


Auction, acrylic on linen, 126.5x154cm, 2016


Man of Desire, oil & acrylic on canvas, 200x100cm, 2016



Nogwoodang/, acrylic on canvas, 227x162cm, 2016


Quiet Room 1/ 1-û, acrylic on canvas, 162.2x130.3cm, 2016




Umbrella Seller in Rome, acrylic on canvas, 115x172cm, 2015





Three-legged Crow 2, acrylic on canvas, 206x140cm, 2015



Monk Il-Dam, acrylic on canvas, 227.3x181.8cm, 2015


Gyumjae Study 1, acrylic on canvas, 110x110cm, 2015



Counting, acrylic on canvas, 120.5x160cm, 2015



Looking Down, acrylic on canvas, 120.5x170cm, 2015



Korean Requiem, acrylic, charcoal & ink on paper, 184x300cm, 2015



Eight Red Tetragons in One Linear, acrylic on photograph on canvas, 20.5x256cm (8 panels),2015


Bangkok 2015, acrylic on canvas, 100x240cm, 2015 

('The 10th International Art Festival and Art Workshop in Thailand', Poh-Chang Academy of Art, Bangkok, Thailand)



DonkiGyumjae, acrylic on MDF, 60x90cm, 2014



Installation View: Crying People, acrylic on paper, 218x630cm, 2014

Crowd, oil on canvas, 130.3x193.9cm, 2014


Running Women, oil on canvas, 112.1x162.2cm, 2014


Watching, oil on polyester, 220x115cm, 2013 


Yura, oil on linen, 200x108cm, 2012


A Girl in the New York Subway, oil on linen, 200x110cm, 2013


George Soros, acrylic on papers (16 panels), 162.4x122cm, 2013

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